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ECRIN is a public, non-profit organisation that links scientific partners and networks across Europe
to facilitate multinational clinical research. We provide sponsors and investigators with advice,
management services and tools to overcome hurdles to multinational trials and enhance collaboration.

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We provide our 12 member and observer countries with diverse trial support services
and contribute to 'infrastructure development' projects with additional European and international partners.

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Registration is now open for the HRB National Clinical Trials Office (NCTO), International Clinical Trials Day, National Conference – “Clinical Research in Ireland 2022”

The NCTO International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) event on Thursday May 12th will be a one day, on-line conference, celebrating International Clinical Trials Day, launching the calendar of ICTD events which will take place in the Clinical Research Facilities and Centres (CRF/Cs) across the network over subsequent weeks and showcasing clinical research activities across the HRB funded infrastructure.

The day’s events will include presentations in the morning from Investigators, Clinical Trial Networks, PPI Ignite, the funding organisations and HRB NCTO. There will be a panel session in the afternoon with comprehensive Stakeholder involvement focused on “Opportunities to improve the Irish Research Ecosystem”.

We are delighted to let you know that registration is now open for the NCTO International Clinical Trials Day event on Thursday, May 12th 2022.

We look forward to seeing you all virtually on May 12th!

For further details contact ncto@ucc.ie

To register for the event please click on the link below:

Register Here


ECRIN's Czech National Partner, CZECRIN, invites you to join the CZECRIN Annual Research Conference 2022. One focus area will be on international operations and it will be held in English. It will include information on ECRIN, EUPATI, Vaccelerate in the Czech Republic as well as CONSIOUS II – a project that focuses on education in the field of clinical trials. More information will be published on the CZECRIN website.  

For more information visit the CZECRIN website 

Or register today 


The famous physicist Stephen Hawking recognised that “our future is a race between the growing power of our technology and the wisdom with which we use it”. The remarkable advances in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) over the past few years have attracted considerable attention – and fuelled fears. This year’s SCTO Symposium takes a closer look at this topic from various perspectives.

We have worked closely with Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC) in Lugano to put together a programme that is rich in variety. Along with other leading experts, we have invited Professor Michael Bronstein to speak at the symposium. Bronstein is a DeepMind Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Oxford in the UK and a global leader in the field of geometric machine learning, a field that has recently found a wide range of applications from recommender systems to drug development.

We will use presenters’ contributions and practical national and international examples to take a closer look at the following questions:

  • To what extent is the use of AI and ML in clinical research already a reality?
  • How can the use of AI and ML benefit clinical research? What kind of clinical research is needed to validate its use?
  • What are the opportunities, challenges, and risks of these new approaches?
  • With every new technology, the question of regulation inevitably arises. How much regulation is needed, and what (new) ethical questions need to be answered?
  • How do key Swiss stakeholders in clinical research currently address these new technological advances and how are they preparing for the future?

The symposium will be held in English.
The programme of the SCTO Symposium 2022 with more information is available below.

Online registration

See full program here