Tools to facilitate multinational clinical trials

Tools Overview

ECRIN develops, contributes to, and maintains freely accessible tools that facilitate research and organisation of clinical trials in Europe including:

  • ECRIN Marketplace is the free online tool to help you find Covid-19 trials that are already planned or in place. Easy to use and free of charge: Search, read, and send a message of interest to collaborate!
  • Clinical Research Metadata Repository is the online tool to help scientific researchers find documents and data linked to a clinical research study, and to obtain information on the accessibility of those results.
  • Rare Diseases Clinical Trials Toolbox is a practical and guided toolbox to help clinical trialists and R&D managers understand the regulations and requirements for conducting trials, with a special focus on investigator-initiated trials for rare diseases. 
  • Adaptive Platform Trial Toolbox which collects the accumulated knowledge, experience, and resources into a practical and guided toolbox to facilitate planning and conduct of future adaptive platform trials in any therapeutic area. 
  • CAMPUS database on regulatory and ethical requirements (click here for an overview and to download country-specific toolkits) 
  • Nutrition centre locator to identify centres offering expertise in nutrition across Europe (click here for an overview)
  • Risk-based monitoring toolbox to enable researchers to create appropriate risk-based strategies (last update: end 2015)
  • Data certification standards (version 4.0, updated 2018) to help you interpret regulatory and good practice requirements, and facilitate implementation of high-quality data management services

Other tools

As part of the ECRIN-IA project, ECRIN developed additional tools from 2012 to 2015 to facilitate multinational clinical research (tools last updated end 2015):  

  • Medical Device Outcome Measure Database: supports researchers to plan and conduct clinical trials and health technology assessments (HTA) of medical devices by providing a comprehensive view of outcome measures (click here for a presentation of the tool) 
  • Medical Device Mapping: includes select information on European centres offering medical device expertise and services