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Clinical Research Metadata Repository

Clinical Research Metadata RepositoryClinical Trials play a crucial role in the development of vaccines and cures, especially for COVID-19. ECRIN has launched the Clinical Research Metadata Repository (Beta-version 0.3), including COVID-19 data, allowing the discovery of clinical studies and related data objects, as there are for example protocol, information sheet and consent form, data management plan, statistical analysis plan, case report form, results, publications, descriptive metadata, etc..

The Clinical Research Metadata Repository is available for all scientific researchers working, especially for those working on COVID-19. The Clinical Research Metadata Repository is updated regularly through collection of data from the most important sources of information worldwide, from New Zealand to The Netherlands and from Japan to Lebanon.

How it works
The Clinical Research Metadata Repository, including COVID-19 data, allows scientific users to search freely and without registration for documents and data linked to a clinical research study, and to obtain information on the accessibility of those results. Where results are publicly available, e.g. a link to an open access journal article or a trial registry entry, a direct link to the source is provided. Where results are available under restricted access, then as far as possible the details of the access arrangements are displayed within the portal, provided with a URL to a description of the access procedure.

It has to be noted that the Metadata Repository output is non-opinionated and non-curated. This means that the data collected and aggregated is presented in a searchable form, and that there is no use of ‘expert input’ or a quality filter.


Research Infrastructures
ECRIN works closely together with other European Research Infrastructures in Life Sciences, often in projects granted by to the European Union. As the ECRIN mission is highly complementary with those of the European Research Infrastructure for Translational Medicine (EATRIS) and the European Research Infrastructure for biobanking (BBMRI), these three research infrastructures joined forces under the umbrella of the Alliance of Medical Research Infrastructures (AMRI). The AMRI actions in the battle against COVID-19, as well as the COVID-19 actions taken by other Life Sciences Research Infrastructures, can be found here.

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