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COVID-19 Literature review

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ECRIN shares a curated list of the most relevant articles presenting results from COVID19 trials, including pre-prints. As of 24 June 2020 this non-exhaustive, focuses only on randomized clinical trials (RCT) for COVID19 treatment and prevention, and on systematic reviews and meta-analyses of RCTs. After close to 3 years of regularly maintaining this resource updates to the list have been suspended in March 2023.

ECRIN Discover marker Discover the COVID-19 Literature Review in PDF format here.

In April 2022 to support the users as they search for the most relevant articles in the growing ECRIN COVID-19 Literature Review a Public Zotero library has been developed with the full list of articles (including those retracted). It is updated at the same rate as the pdf and is accessible here.

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