Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit organisation that supports multinational clinical trials

The European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN) is a not-for-profit intergovernmental organisation that supports the conduct of multinational clinical trials in Europe. As of 2013, ECRIN has the legal status of a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC)

Based in Paris, we work with European Correspondents across Europe, national networks of clinical trial units (CTUs), as well as numerous European and international stakeholders involved in clinical research.

Learn how our Core Team collaborates with European Correspondents and national partners in our Member and Observer Countries.

We provide tailored support to facilitate trial preparation and implementation

Multiple clinical trials provide greater access to patients, facilities and medical expertise; enhance methodological standards; enable the sharing of costs, tools and procedures; increase the potential for broad implementation of research outcomes; and prevent duplication of research. 

However, various trial obstacles – from infrastructure interoperability to regulatory and ethical requirements and management and funding issues – deter many investigators from attempting multinational trials. This is especially the case for independent or academic trials which are more frequently conducted in a single country than industry-sponsored trials. This limited scope means reduced potential impact on global public health.  

ECRIN provides a means to overcome the above challenges by offering researchers support to prepare and implement multinational trials. Support areas include the preparation of applications for funding, protocol evaluation, trial management, quality assurance and more.

Learn how we provide services for the preparation, validation and conduct of multinational trials. 

We provide investigators with the tools they need to successfully implement trials

One way ECRIN provides support is by offering investigators (and sponsors) the tools they need to address regulatory and ethical issues, to measure outcomes and to assess risk. These tools are critical for project success, especially when operating in a multi-country context where local legislation and requirements can vary greatly.   

Learn how our tools support investigators to optimise their research and increase impact.

We support a large portfolio of trials and contribute to related projects

As of 2019, ECRIN has a portfolio of 57 (current and past) multinational clinical research projects, with a mean of 6.3 countries per trial. These projects mostly involve interventional, randomised controlled trials (RCTs), and cover diverse medical disciplines.

In addition, we contribute to infrastructure development projects (40 as of 2019) aiming, for example, to establish shared trial services, develop optimal research infrastructures, and foster international cooperation in non-commercial trials. ECRIN-supported trials benefit from the outcomes of these projects, as they are able to use the tools and findings that they produce. 

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We work with diverse partners across borders

ECRIN works with diverse stakeholders in its member and observer countries as well as in other countries involved in ECRIN-supported trials and projects. Partners include clinical trial units or clinical research centres, academic institutions, investigators and sponsors, policymakers, patients and communities.

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