European Clinical Research Alliance on Infectious Diseases: PRIMary care adaptive platform trial for pandemics and Epidemics

Funding programme: Horizon Europe (N 101046109)

Budget: €10M

Coordinator: UMCU

Duration: 3 years ( 2021 - 2024)


ECRAID-PRIME, a European Adaptive Platform Trial (APT) of COVID-19 therapeutics in primary care will build on many years of EU investment in infrastructure for primary care trials and a mature primary care research network that has pioneered novel, efficient, platform clinical trial designs.

European citizens affected by COVID-19 have been well-served by landmark clinical trials in hospitals that have found treatments that save many lives. However, there are fewer opportunities for people in the community to contribute to the urgent mission of finding treatments that speed recovery, and reduce the need for hospital admission in the first place. Desperately needed, evidence-based therapeutics for use in primary care have the potential for considerable reach and impact on individual suffering and functioning, as well as on the sustainability of health services.

ECRIN's role in ECRAID-Prime : 

ECRIN coordinates the Joint Access Advisory Mechanism  (JAAM) that provides support to ECRAID Prime in the selection of compounds to be tested in this adaptive platform trial. Furthermore, the support provided by ECRIN for the development of the data management infrastructure of ECRAID benefits the ECRAID Prime study.