New JAAM composition

EU response and Recover join JAAM

The Joint Access Advisory Mechanism (JAAM) is the entryway for the European COVID-19 adaptive platform trials (APTs). It is the single body, common to the EU-SolidAct, REMAP-CAP and ECRAID Prime trials, that assesses requests from investigators or industry looking to test their compound in one or more of these trials.  

In December 2021, the composition of the JAAM changed with the aim of having fully independent scientific assessments of the compounds requesting access to the European COVID-19 adaptive platform trials (APTs). Previously composed of the coordinators of the EU-RESPONSE and RECOVER projects, the principal investigators of DisCoVeRy, EU-SolidACT and REMAP-CAP for COVID in Europe and the chairs of the trials’ drug prioritisation committees it is now composed of a panel of seven independent experts with multidisciplinary expertise. This panel is supported by the JAAM Secretariat, and meets on a regular basis to assess proposals from investigators or industry representatives who wish to have their compound tested in the EU APTs. 

Read more about the new JAAM composition and operations here.  

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