Report on clinical development for drug repurposing

Published on 03/04/2024
Report on clinical development for drug repurposing

As part of Work Package 7 within the REMEDi4ALL project, ECRIN contributed to the deliverable that summarises the capacities and expertise available to support clinical development for drug repurposing, and the challenges and barriers of the clinical development process pertinent to drug repurposing.

It was important to identify the key challenges being faced by the four pilot projects and the capacities that exist within the REMEDi4ALL consortium to support repurposing projects to streamline the future work towards adding, expanding, and upgrading the consortium resources and expertise to support the repurposing community. Work Package 7 (Clinical development & implementation) performed this gap analysis using a mixed method approach: in-depth interviews with demonstrator projects, a survey, a literature search, and collaboration with other work packages within the consortium to identify barriers in specific domains (funding, policy etc) to evaluate the maturity and readiness of the consortium to provide clinical development services to drug repurposing projects. Based on past experiences, long-standing portfolio to support clinical development and clinical operational services by ECRIN, and available expertise within the consortium, a blueprint to cover clinical aspects of the Repurposing Development Plan is also provided which can be adaptable to possible drug repurposing projects.

The complete range of clinical stage services available within the REMEDi4ALL consortium is listed in the accompanying document ‘Clinical Stage Services Catalogue’. More information about the Remedi4All project is to be found on our project page and via


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