Building a sustainable European innovation platform to enhance the repurposing of medicines for all

Funding programme: Horizon Europe (N101057442)

Coordinator: EATRIS ERIC

Budget: € 23M

ECRIN's Role: Clinical development & implementation

Duration: 5 years (Sept 2022 - Aug 2027)

The project kicks off with the ambition of establishing a European research and innovation eco-system that facilitates fast and cost-effective patient-centric development and access to repurposed medicines. To this end, REMEDi4ALL will:  

  • build a state-of-the-art platform to provide expertise and services across the complete value chain (scientific, methodological, financial, legal, regulatory, intellectual property) for patient-centric medicine repurposing at every development stage and in any disease area. 

  • assemble advanced in silico tools for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), open datasets and tools and expertise required to understand the mechanism of action of specific medicines. 

  • create a global community of practice connected in a think-tank-like environment through impactful multidisciplinary activities and events. 

  • train and educate the next generation of researchers, clinicians, patients, policymakers, regulators and funders in cutting-edge drug repurposing tools and processes. 

  • favour dialogue and debate to advance policy and fair access to repurposed medicines across the EU.  

REMEDi4ALL has selected four medicine repurposing projects in different stages of development to demonstrate the viability of the newly created platform. Each project covers a different therapeutic area with high unmet medical needs– pancreatic cancer, COVID-19, rare diseases and ultra-rare diseases. These projects will first be onboarded to ensure a patient-centric approach before testing all elements of the platform to optimise its tools and services. 

ECRIN will lead the work package on clinical development and implementation in which an inventory of resources and gap analysis will be carried out, recommendations and a blueprint for the establishment of a clinical repurposing platform will be developed, a dedicated services platform will be created. Provision of services for the clinical demonstrator(s) will be the opportunity to validate and refine the service offer.