A testing bed for the development of high-risk medical devices

Funding programme: Horizon 2020 (N 814439)


Budget: €8.5M

Duration: 5 years (Feb 2019 - Jan 2024)

The TBMED (A testing bed for the development of high-risk medical devices) project will establish an open innovation testing bed specialised in the development of high-risk devices (≥Class IIb).

TBMED will provide an integral service to accelerate the development of medical devices reducing time to market, covering technology development from TRL4-7 based on Quality-by-Design (QbD) concept and business management services. QbD concept enhances product and process understanding together with process control, based on robust scientific knowledge and quality risk management. Four different medical devices will be used as case studies.


The “SYNergies for Cohorts in Health: integrating the Role of all Stakeholders” (SYNCHROS) project aims to establish a sustainable European strategy for the development of the next generation of integrated population, patient and clinical trial cohorts, thereby contributing to an international strategic agenda for enhanced coordination of cohorts globally.