Building links between Europe and Africa in Personalised Medicine

Funding programme: Horizon 2020 (N 964333)

Budget: €2M

Coordinator: INNOVATEC

Duration: 4 years (Feb 2021 - Jan 2025)

The EU-Africa PerMed project aims to integrate organizations from the African continent into ICPerMed activities, as a means to contribute to the implementation of personalised medicine (PM) in the global context, fostering joint PM projects and programmes between Europe and Africa, and strengthening bilateral EU-Africa Union science, technology and innovation in health.

Over a period of four years, the project will identify and engage with relevant organizations and initiatives across Africa and explore opportunities for joint collaborations in PM between Africa and Europe. It will also facilitate the integration of funding and policy making organisations from Africa into the ICPerMed and will encourage participation in the ERA PerMed. Furthermore, it will identify opportunities for synergic efforts with other EU-Africa partnerships and implement capacity building and training activities relevant to PM, while raising awareness on the benefits of PM for the African continent.

With its bi-regional and multidisciplinary consortium the EU-Africa PerMed project hopes to contribute to a better understanding and implementation of PM in the research and healthcare agendas of African countries. It has the long term ambition of reducing existing health disparities between developed and developing countries, and facilitating access of African countries to new tools and technologies that have the potential make healthcare more efficient and equitable.

Ecrin's role in EU-Africa PerMed : ECRIN participates in the WP dedicated to capacity building and training, helping to identify training needs in the African setting and to link with existing training initiatives for personalised medicine (PM). In particular, ECRIN will organize an in-person interactive training event on standards in PM research, building on the work of the PERMIT project.