2nd EU-Africa PerMed Summer School

EU Africa PerMed 2024

The second edition of the EU-Africa PerMed Summer School was held in Nairobi, Kenya on 21 -23 May 2024. Organised by the Italian Ministry of Health (It-MoH), with the Kenya based, African Population Health Research Center (APHRC) hosting the event at the KCB Leadership Center with the support of ECRIN, INNOVATEC, IRRESEF and all the EU Africa PerMed consortium it builds on the success of the first summer school in 2023 organised by ECRIN on the use of quality standards in personalised medicine.

The summer school brought together a wide variety of participants (junior researchers, students and faculty members, laboratory and healthcare professionals, and academics) from 5 European and 14 African countries. Over the course of the summer school participants not only benefitted from the expert knowledge but also networked to encourage future exchanges of ideas.

With the EU-Africa PerMed project aimed at increasing the participation of African researchers in precision medicine and this summer school with a specific focus on the implementation of personalised medicine the group of experts shared their knowledge and experience in the fields of breast cancer, eclampsia, sepsis, non-communicable diseases, infectious diseases, artificial intelligence in pediatric neurological diseases, genetic counseling, and more. They demonstrated how the implementation of personalised medicine in preventive and primary health care can save lives and reduce costs to the overall health systems.

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