Kick off of EU-Africa PerMed

The EU-Africa PerMed (Building links between Europe and Africa in Personalised Medicine) project kicked off with a full-day virtual meeting on March 4 2021. This four-year project, funded by the European Union through its Framework Program Horizon2020 (GA n° 964333), aims to integrate African countries into ICPerMed activities. It will identify opportunities and areas of interest for joint Personalised Medicine projects and programmes in Europe and Africa, and will contribute to strengthening capacities and building bridges between the personalised medicine communities in both regions. It has the long term ambition of contributing to the reduction of existing health disparities between developed and developing countries, and facilitating access of African countries to new tools and technologies that have the potential to make healthcare more efficient and equitable.

ECRIN’s role will include the promotion of the recommendations and training stemming from the PERMIT project. ECRIN will also participate in identifying key stakeholders and initiatives across both regions and support the dialogue and networking efforts for the integration of African institutions into the ICPerMed. ECRIN will also support the dissemination of project activities and outcomes.

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