Interview with Prof. Torstein Vik: WE Study (Walking Easier with cerebral palsy)



Prof. Torstein Vik

Torstein Vik, Professor of Paediatrics from the Department of Laboratory Medicine, Children’s and Women’s Health at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), is a specialist in Perinatal and Paediatric Epidemiology. He was the founder of the Norwegian Cerebral Palsy Registry (CPRN), which focuses on cerebral palsy (CP) etiology, clinical picture and co-morbidity. He is the chief investigator of the PedCRIN funded trial the WE-study (Walking Easier with cerebral palsy), a large multinational multicenter pilot trial studying the effects of botulinum toxin also known as botox injections on the walking capacity in children with CP. Physical therapist and researcher Siri Merete Brændvik is the national coordinator of WE study. We recently spoke to both of them about paediatric cerebral palsy, the WE-study and the importance of establishing multinational paediatric clinical trials and research infrastructures.

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