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European Lifescience Research Infrastructures against COVID19

17 July 2020

ECRIN is part of the European Life Science Research Infrastructures, together with the other research infrastructures and partners we address global challenges, such as fighting diseases with finding cures and vaccins. ECRIN and the other research infrastructures do this by sharing technologies for scientific excellence, offering a wide range of opportunities for scientific researchers.

Nowadays, more than ever, biomedical research needs to be done with speed, efficiency, and high-quality standards in order to help patients effectively fight diseases like COVID-19. But too often, researchers find themselves without enough time, resources, access to facilities, or knowledge of recommended standards to successfully complete their research.

That’s exactly where European Life Science Research Infrastructures can help. The LS RIs provide access to high-end facilities and services for biological and medical research – from human samples to mouse models, imaging technologies to chemical screening and data analysis. Plus, we can advise on ethical, legal and societal issues in biomedical research. This video presents how 9 of the European Life Science Research Infrastructures can be used to advance research on coronavirus and other diseases.



This video has been created by the H2020-funded CORBEL project (@CORBEL_eu).