ELSI Services for Life Science research (video)

As modern life science research is happening across scientific disciplines, individual scientists, single labs and across country borders, it often lacks some of the expertise required to address all aspects of a research question. Finding answers to Ethical, Legal, and Societal questions, the Life Science research infrastructures present the fourth CORBEL animation to demonstrate how we can facilitate researchers in their work.

"CORBEL project"ELSI Services required for Life Science research

ECRIN collaborates with BBMRI and Eatris in the context of CORBEL to serve the Life Science community, showcasing our services and tools complementing each other. Together with all other Life Science research infrastructures and partners, we address global challenges, such as fighting diseases with finding cures and vaccins. We do this by sharing technologies for scientific excellence, offering a wide range of opportunities for scientific researchers.

Please contact us for any questions and to see how we can help you with your multinational clinical trials!

This video was commissioned by BBMRI-ERIC within the H2020-funded project CORBEL.

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BBMRI ELSI Services & Research supports the biobanking and life sciences community by providing services and tools that promote regulatory compliance and best practice: https://www.bbmri-eric.eu/elsi/

EATRIS Regulatory Service and Support Centre is available to help guide you through this complex world, especially for complex and hybrid products for which clear regulatory guidance may not be available: https://eatris.eu/services/regulatory

ECRIN, the research infrastructure for multinational clinical trials, can help with trial preparation and management, data center certification, and all questions related to multinational clinical trials: https://ecrin.org/tools/regulatory-ethical-tools

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