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EJP-RD Networking Support Scheme Now Open

7 January 2020

The European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases (EJP-RD) - an ECRIN-supported, patient-centred initiative to foster rare disease research - has opened a Networking Support Scheme (NSS). Health care professionals, researchers and patient advocacy organisations can apply (on an ongoing basis) for funding to organise workshops or conferences on rare diseases and rare cancers. Learn more below.


The aim of the NSS is to encourage sharing of knowledge on rare diseases and rare cancers of health care professionals, researchers and patients. The NSS also strives to enable or increase the participation of usually under-represented countries in Europe in new and existing research networks on rare disease(s) or rare cancer(s).

The scheme will provide financial support to applicants for fostering organisation of workshops or conferences for new research networks or existing/expanding research networks to strengthen collaborations and to enable exchange of knowledge. The focus of these workshops or conferences should be (the implications of) research results and innovative solutions as well as to strengthening the collaborations between different stakeholders. The results of these networking events may lead to future collaborative and novel research efforts. The applying consortium is allowed to invite other participants to join the networking event. There is no limit to the number of participants, however the maximum budget that can be requested is €30,000 for a networking event.


Eligible applicants to apply for the NSS are health care professionals, researchers and patient advocacy organizations from the following countries involved in the EJP RD (in alphabetical order): Armenia*, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria*, Croatia*, Czech Republic*, Denmark, Estonia*, Finland, France, Germany, Georgia*, Greece, Hungary*, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia*, Lithuania*, Luxembourg, Malta*, Norway, Poland*, Portugal, Romania*, Serbia*, Slovakia*, Slovenia*, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey*, United Kingdom.

The countries that are indicated with an asterisk (*) are usually seen as underrepresented countries.

At least one Principal applicant and two co-applicants from three different countries mentioned above have to apply together for support of a Networking event. Applicants from Canada are not eligible for funding. However, networking events can be organized in all countries mentioned above and in Canada. 

Fore more information on the NSS, see here

This initiative has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 825575.