ECRIN launches COVID-19 taskforce

ECRIN Covid-19 Task Force

The world is confronted with the COVID-19 crisis, and all working in healthcare systems taking care of patients have the highest priority. Behind the scenes all forces are joined to support those working to find a cure and a vaccine for COVID-19. In this context, ECRIN has established a COVID-19 taskforce with its national partners, working on a fast-track procedure for access to, and provision of services:


  • Review and digest the scientific literature on COVID clinical trials
  • Develop a metadata repository for COVID trials making all the non-sensitive COVID-19 trial data accessible
  • Develop a database on the regulatory, ethical and data protection fast track approvals across all European countries
  • Ensure preparedness of its national clinical trial unit (CTU) partners for COVID trials
  • Combine and coordinate national initiatives to promote multinational rather than national trials, including through connection with national funders, sponsors investigators and CTUs
  • Develop partnership with national and pan-European investigation networks on infectious diseases and intensive care
  • Outreach to investigators, sponsors, patients, policymakers, funders, and citizens
  • International cooperation and outreach, including with WHO and through CRIGH and other initiatives.

For any further information please contact ECRIN’s Head of Clinical Operations Unit, Sabine Kläger via mail at


BBMRI, EATRIS and ECRIN join forces in the battle against COVID-19

Please note that the ECRIN mission is highly complementary with those of the European Research Infrastructure for Translational Medicine (EATRIS) and the European Research Infrastructure for biobanking (BBMRI). The COVID-19 Fast Response Service is a coordinated and accelerated procedure for researchers to access the academic facilities, services and resources of the three medical research infrastructures, working together under the umbrella of the European Alliance of Medical Research Infrastructures (EU-AMRI).