CORBEL Launches 1st Open Call for Research Projects

The CORBEL (Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-science services) project has launched an "Open Call" to invite researchers to access technologies and services from more than 15 facilities from eight different research infrastructures (RIs) across Europe. 

Access Tracks and Services

How does the Open Call work? Interested researchers can submit a research project in one of four areas, or “Access Tracks”:

  • Genotype-to-phenotype analysis based on models and experimental data
  • Predictive systems pharmacology for safer drugs and chemical products
  • Structure-function analysis of large protein complexes– from nano to micro
  • Marine metazoan developmental models for biomedical research – from predictive integrated databases to functional testing

Within each track, researchers can select the set of desired services including biobanking, curated databases, systems biology, mouse mutant phenotyping, marine model organisms, advanced imaging technologies, high-throughput screening, and/or structural biology.

Access Modalities

Successful applicants will be offered open access to cutting-edge technologies and services available at the participating RIs. In terms of access, modalities may vary between CORBEL partner institutions; in general, however, access can be provided on-site or virtually, and experiments are either performed by you, the user, or by staff at the facility (or a combination thereof).

CORBEL funds will not be provided to the researcher directly but will instead be used to fund the services requested at the participating RIs.

Flag_of_Europe.png CORBEL receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654248.

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