Paediatric Clinical Research
Infrastructure Network

WP1: Project coordination


Management of the project including the coordination of the work package activities with support from the governance bodies (Management Board, Steering Committee and the Advisory Board)

  • Pacing and coordinating the work package activities
  • Ensuring timely release of deliverables
  • Supervising the financial management
  • Organizing the project level meetings and issuing the minutes (management board, steering committee & advisory board)
  • Structuring a consortium communication flow, including deliverables, reviews, etc.
  • Coordinating the writing of the scientific reports

The governance of the project is achieved by the Management Board. It is composed of at least one representative of the project beneficiaries and its role is to provide strategic direction.

The Steering Committee is composed of the work package leaders and the co-leaders . Its role is to drive and coordinate the work package activities.

The PedCRIN Advisory Board is a recommending body providing advice and guidance for the development of the project to ensure its high quality and excellence.  It  will  serve  as  an  external  body  providing  the  project  team  with  independent  analysis on the project’s development and  augment  the  dissemination  potential  of  the  project.  They are a valued group of experts who will meet regularly with the project consortium throughout the project duration.

Since one of the major objectives of the PedCRIN project is to upgrade ECRIN capability and sustainability, discussions on the sustainability, business plan, statutes and geographical coverage should not be restricted to the scientific community, but must also involve government representatives. For this reason a Sustainability Board will be established, composed of:

  • The PedCRIN Management Board, eg. ECRIN and the organizations representing the paediatric partners in 18 countries
  • The ECRIN-ERIC Assembly of Members (Ministry representatives of ECRIN-ERIC Member and Observer countries
  • and government representatives, having the mandate to participate in such discussion, from countries involved in the PedCRIN consortium but neither Member nor Observer of ECRIN

This Work Package is coordinated by ECRIN