EU Cross-Border Clinical Trials

Initiative leader: EFGCP & EFPIA

Duration: November 2022 – January 2025


Participation in a clinical trial is an important element of healthcare, especially for patients with life-threatening and/or rare diseases for whom a medicinal product under investigation might be the only therapeutic option.

As there is no legal EU framework that defines the conditions for accessing clinical trials in another EU member state, there is need for reliable and accessible information regarding practical aspects, as well as for multi-stakeholder, multi-national recommendations on existing options and best practice for patients, investigators and trial sponsors on conditions and options for cross-border access to clinical trials. EFGCP and EFPIA have set up a multi-stakeholder consortium of patient organisations, academics, research networks, industry and not-for-profit organisations with the aim to systematically collect available information from all European countries and to develop recommendations for enabling cross-border access to clinical trials: the EU Cross-border Trials Initiative called EU-X-CT.


ECRIN's Role in EU-X-CT

ECRIN is part of the EU-X-CT project core management team.