Coordination Mechanism for Cohorts and Trials

Funding programme: Horizon Europe (N 101136531)

Budget: €2.4M

Coordinator: NIPH

Duration: 3 years (2023 - 2026)

CoMeCT is ensuring enhanced European clinical research preparedness and response capacity to infectious disease (ID) outbreaks with epidemic potential through sustained strategic and scientific coordination of adaptive platform trials and cohort studies. Uniting existing coordination initiatives into a single coherent coordination mechanism for Adaptive Platform Trials (APTs) and Cohort Studies (CSs).

By promoting collaboration among various clinical research networks and organizations, CoMeCT aims to unify European APTs and CSs, enabling them to act collectively and efficiently in delivering timely clinical evidence during epidemic and pandemic scenarios.

The project aims to tackle challenges such as fragmentation, duplication of efforts, and gaps in research, ultimately contributing to improved clinical research preparedness and response capacity in Europe and beyond.

CoMeCT's Coordination Mechanism is built upon existing coordination boards for APTs and CSs in Europe, which have been established as part of EU-funded projects and networks over the past five years.

ECRIN's role in CoMeCT

ECRIN is involved in the development of the JAAM (Joint Access Advisory Mechanism, which is part of the Coordination Mechanism of CoMeCT and an entryway entryway for the therapeutic European APTs concerning infectious diseases. Also, ECRIN is the leader of the Work Package concerning the Communication & Dissemination activities, as well as developing the project's website. 


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