The WE Study sponsor: St. Olavs University Hospital Norway

St. Olavs Hospital (Trondheim University Hospital) is the sponsor of the WE study funded by the PedCRIN project and it has benefited from PedCRIN services for the expansion of the WE study into other European countries (France and Poland).

St. Olavs Hospital is the University Hospital for Mid-Norway and integrated with NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim). Patient treatment, research and education are integrated functions at this institution.

As part of the series of interviews we had a pleasure to speak to St. Olavs University Hospital about their experience of working as a sponsor with PedCRIN.

St. Olavs University Hospital mentioned that the PedCRIN support was an added value. PedCRIN/ECRIN-partners CTUs in the two countries (France and Poland) supported a lot of work related to translations of testing procedures, applications to ethical committees and competent authorities and monitoring.

St. Olavs University Hospital expressed that the personal collaboration with the ECRIN administration for PedCRIN has been excellent.

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