Press release : International Clinical Trials Day 2024 - Data Centric Clinical Research.

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International Clinical Trial Day 2024 will focus on Data Centric Clinical Research. The 2024 edition of this worldwide event will be co-hosted by ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network) and its Greek scientific partner GRECRIN (Greek Clinical Research Infrastructure Network) on May 23rd 2024. ICTD commemorates the start of the landmark clinical trial, led by James Lind on sailors with scurvy, 20 May 1747. Having laid the foundation for modern clinical research, ECRIN salutes this initiative by addressing a new topic in clinical research every year on or around this date.
ICTD brings together patients, health policy actors, health authorities, clinical researchers, health professionals and citizens from Europe and beyond to discuss issues related to multinational clinical studies. ICTD 2024 will be hosted by CERTH, the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, in Thessaloniki, Greece, and as a hybrid event it also will be broadcasted online. ICTD 2024 is free and open to all interested, pending available space. Further information and registration will be made accessibleon the ICTD 2024 webpage.

Data Centric Clinical Research

With the data revolution playing an increasing role in all aspects of clinical research this year International Clinical Trials Day will focus on some of the impacts, benefits and challenges of the rise of data and technology. Different stakeholders from the community will share their experiences on topics ranging from the integration of the new technical assets, eHealth, data science, the data protection legislation and collaboration of academia and industry, among others.


The day’s events are broken down into 4 separate sessions, each with two speakers and a time for discussion led by the session moderators. The event kicks-off with Pillars of Data Centric Clinical Research, followed by relevant examples in Novel approaches to Data Centric Clinical Research. The other two sessions are on Multi-Stakeholder perspectives to Data Centric Clinical Research, one with the patient and society engagement, and one with the industry and authorities view. The final agenda will be published on the ECRIN website and social media.


ECRIN is the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network, a public, non-profit organisation that focuses on investigator initiated multinational clinical trials as well as clinical trials initiated by SMEs. It provides sponsors and investigators with advice, management services and tools to navigate Europe’s fragmented health
and legal systems on clinical trials. ECRIN has national scientific partners in 13 countries covering more than 360 million citizens. Multi-country clinical trials mean greater access to patients, resources, and expertise, and in turn, faster and potentially more robust results.

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