Poland acquires ECRIN Member status

Published on 18/11/2022
Poland ECRIN Member country

ECRIN, the Polish Medical Research Agency and the Polish Institute of Cardiology are pleased to announce that Poland became an ECRIN Member country on 17 November 2022. Jacques Demotes, ECRIN Director General, attended Medical Research Agency - an impulse for the development of science, health and innovation in Warsaw where he participated in a panel Connected for Health. Polish Clinical Research Network as a systemic support for the development of modern therapies and inter-institutional cooperation. During his visit, he met with the President of the Medical Research Agency, Radosław Sierpiński, to confer his congratulations on Poland attaining ECRIN’s Member status

Poland became an ECRIN Observer in August 2019. Since then, Poland has taken part in a wealth of ECRIN activities, counting more than a half dozen multinational clinical trials, including platform trials on COVID-19. The Observer status is a temporary status designed to last three years for a country to assess its interest in becoming an ECRIN Member. With the transition to ECRIN Member, ECRIN now counts 10 Member countries and 2 Observer countries.