PERMIT 4th General Assembly

Published on 17/02/2022
PERMIT final meeting ecrin clinical research personalised medicine

The PERMIT project hosted its 4th General Assembly on 4 February 2022. With the approval of the 6-month no-cost extension of the project, this meeting marks the beginning of the home stretch for the project. Each work package presented the actions carried out since July 2021. These included many different working sessions and focus groups to define the recommendations that should be put forward to address the gaps that were identified in the project’s first year.  The discussion at the GA addressed the importance and the challenge of using a clear definition on personalised medicine when exchanging with experts and stakeholders. It also concerned the intersection between the different stages in the personalised medicine pipeline and the importance of strengthening communication and collaboration between these stages to create better integrated personalised medicine models.

Among the outputs of the project that were shared at the meeting is the first of four papers published on the scoping review carried out in 2020: Biomarker discovery studies for patient stratification using machine learning analysis of omics data: a scoping review

Before closing, the meeting addressed the next step, its Implementation Workshop, where all consortium members will discuss the dissemination and implementation strategy of the project in their community and how best to develop training for the target audience.

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