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National Partner News: Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO)

31 January 2019

Here is some of the latest news from ECRIN's Swiss national partner, the Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO).

Master Plan for Biomedical Research 

In 2013, the Federal Council approved a master plan to boost Switzerland as a centre of biomedical research and technology. At the end of 2018, the Federal Council did an interim review of this plan.
SCTO and its CTU Network play a significant role in implementing the master plan by supporting important research infrastructures, involving young talent in clinical research, and connecting Switzerland to Europe.

SCTO Platforms

In 2017, SCTO established thematic platforms that serve different clients with a range of needs. As centres of excellence, these platforms aim to be the first point of contact when questions arise regarding any topic related to clinical research. 

The platforms focus on eight key fields: auditing, data management, education, monitoring, project management, regulatory affairs, safety, and statistics and methodology. Each CTU of the CTU Network runs one of the platforms.

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DACH Congress

Every other year, together with the coordination centres for clinical studies in Germany (KKS network) and Austria, the SCTO organises a tri-national congress, the DACH Symposium.
The presentations and discussions at the three-nation congress are mainly held in German and aim to cover all the aspects of performing a study at a trial site. 

In 2018, the event was organised by Switzerland and hosted by the University Hospital Zurich attracting more than 550 interested researchers and study personnel. 

The third DACH Symposium will take place in Salzburg, Austria from 15 to 16 June 2020.