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National Partner News: Norwegian Clinical Research Infrastructure (NorCRIN)

31 January 2019

ECRIN's Norvegian national partner, Norwegian Clinical Research Infrastructure (NorCRIN), shares some of its latest news below. 

1. NorCRIN applied to Norwegian Research Council funding (50 million kroner) to finance NorCRIN-partners' work and ECRIN membership (5 more years after 2020). The response is anticipated in June 2019. 

2. NorCRIN did a user survey in September 2018. A total of 149 users answered the survey.

Initial analysis reveals the following: 75% of users have been involved in academic studies and 46% in industrial studies. The users know NorCRIN from its website (51%); participation in GCP courses (44%); and participation in studies (41%). We asked how satisfied users were with NorCRIN's services and 72.3% answered that they were satisfied or very satisfied, while 23.4% were neutral and 4.3% were unhappy. 77% said they would use NorCRIN again (only 5% said they would not). 

3. NorCRIN is in the process of planning a new user seminar on 25 September 2019. Users are defined as researchers, individuals/institutions providing support for research, and small and medium-sized companies within the pharmaceutical industry / medical technology. Several speakers will be invited.