Interview with Jacques Demotes on the MiRoR Website


ECRIN's Director General, Jacques Demotes, is featured in an interview with the Methods in Research on Research (MiRoR) project, an innovative joint doctoral training programme project in which ECRIN is involved in the consortium.  

He explains how ECRIN is organised, its objectives, and the challenges to multinational clinical clinical trials that it initially sought to address. Additional discussion topics include:

  • Recent improvements in possibilities for conducting multinational clinical trials across Europe
  • ECRIN's work beyond the EU
  • Patient and public involvement (PPI) in planning and implementing clinical trials
  • ECRIN's role in supporting collaboration between industry, academia and nonprofits
  • The authorship model with regards to incentives and rewards for authors
  • Pre-clinical systematic reviews
  • Methods to develop (for MiRoR researchers)
  • Future development of ECRIN

MiRoR is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Innovative Training Networks- European Joint doctorate (ITN-EJD) under grant agreement number 676207.

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