Identifying obstacles hindering the development of academic-sponsored trials for drug repurposing on rare-diseases

Published on 13/10/2022
ECRIN EJP-RD workshop

As a continuation of the funding of an EJP RD NSS call, ECRIN is holding a two-day workshop and networking event in Prague on October 4th & 5th; the event will see the gathering of investigators involved in drug repurposing academic-sponsored trials for rare diseases, as well as other rare diseases clinical trial stakeholders.

To improve the existing treatments of those living with rare diseases, academic trials are conducted that focus on drug repurposing. Academic-led clinical trials face a number of challenges; some linked to the multinational nature of the rare disease research and others are more specific to the academia setting including lack of funding, inadequate infrastructures as well as processes to facilitate collaboration. 

The workshop will look to identify obstacles hindering the development of academic-sponsored trials for drug repurposing on rare-diseases. The participants will work together to raise awareness of the difficulties encountered by the different stakeholder groups, promote future collaboration, suggest improvements for services and tools to support the community and impart existing supporting activities. By advancing academic clinical trials in drug repurposing, the workshop hopes to improve the treatment options for those living with rare diseases.

The article written as a result of the NSS meeting, which served as groundwork for the upcoming event, can be found here.

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