Funding available for ECRIN services through ISIDORe TNA Open Call

Published on 07/06/2022

ISIDORe just launched the first call for transnational access for projects focusing on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 research. ISIDORe TNA programme aims at supporting scientists by providing them access (physical, remote, or virtual) to facilities, equipment, expertise, services and resources that they do not usually have access to.

The access is free of charge and includes the logistical, technological and scientific support and, when appropriate, the specific training that is needed to use the services provided by the research facilities. Among the wealth of services available is support from ECRIN for regulatory advice, trial preparation and access to European clinical trials services. 

Learn to apply for ECRIN services.

  • All scientists from Academia and Industry from European and non-European countries are eligible for this call.
  • This call supports transnational access: scientists can only apply to services outside of their country of residence.
  • The call supports physical, remote and virtual access to ISIDORe services
  • The call will remain open as long as funding is available
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