ERIC Forum Annual Meeting 2021

Published on 28/01/2021

The ERIC Forum Annual Meeting took place on January 26-27, 2021 and brought together 21 leading European Research Infrastructures (ERICs).

On the first day of the meeting, it was confirmed that the 2020 Forum leadership will be retained for 2021.  Elected via an online election, John Womersley (ESS) as ERIC Forum Chair and Anton Ussi (EATRIS) as ERIC Forum Vice-Chair will continue to fulfil their mandate for 2021.

This was also the opportunity to discuss the role of ERICs in the new European Research Area (ERA) and look at how the ERICs fit in the new ESFRI Roadmap. In its second day, activity updates of the different work packages were given including ERIC policy development driven by ECRIN. Moreover, discussions were launched on how to maintain the momentum of the ERIC Forum at the end of the project by kickstarting the discussion on sustainability.

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