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ECRIN part of Life Sciences Research Infrastructures (video)

11 June 2020

As modern life science research is happening across scientific disciplines, individual scientists and single labs often lack some of the expertise required to address all aspects of a research question. Moreover, researchers often require the use of different, highly complex technologies and resource collections. Access to multiple high-end technologies and services is essential for comprehensive research, but is in most cases not easily available for every scientist.

ECRIN is part of the Life Sciences Research Infrastructures platform, and together with all other infrastructures we overcome the technology gap and we allow access to much-needed technologies in modern research approaches. To clarify the use of the infrastructures, and the advantages for science and scientists, we announce the first CORBEL animation on European Life Science Research Infrastructures. This first out of four animation videos, shows how users took advantage of cutting-edge technologies and resources to advance their life science research projects. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you with your multinational clinical trials!



This video has been created by the H2020-funded CORBEL project (@CORBEL_eu).