ECRIN launches 2021-2023 Strategic Plan

ECRIN strategic plan 2021-2023

ECRIN coordinating clinical research in Europe.

This strategy sets out ECRIN’s priorities over the next three years. It defines the six areas of focus for ECRIN and carves out a path to advance our mission and vision. For each of the goals set out in this plan, distinct actions have been identified that will be carried out.

Since 2013, ECRIN has grown in the number and importance of projects, in its presence in the European life science and research infrastructure landscape, in its services and tools for its national partners, but also in assisting the European Union in achieving challenging scientific missions to improve the lives of all European citizens. Over the years, though each strategic plan and annual workplan was responsive to the specific times and evolving environment in which it was created, the primary objective remains our enduring and core value proposition.

At the forefront of this strategic plan is the established place of ECRIN in the clinical research environment. Other key areas for ECRIN in the coming years include the solidification of partnerships, with users and patients as well as with other medical research infrastructures, the visibility of ECRIN and the strengthening of the ECRIN community, in particular with its national scientific partners. ECRIN looks to answer, even anticipate the users’ needs, be leading-edge as well as recognised as the reference in the setup and management of multinational clinical trials in Europe.

View the ECRIN 2021-2023 Strategic plan.