ECRIN hosts CTU Day 2021

On 26 November 2021 ECRIN hosted its first CTU Day bringing together members of its CTU community from all 12 of its national networks. The objectives of the meeting included encouraging staff of ECRIN National Networks affiliated organisations to get to know one another, exchanging information and best practices, discuss training opportunities and synergies.

During this meeting, ECRIN presented its services offer, both clinical operations and supporting projects (capacity development). While national networks shared how they collaborate with ECRIN and how they would like to see things as we move forward. A use case with an ECRIN supported project, FAIRPARK II, was presented by the coordinating European Correspondent (EuCo) and the Project Manager based at the Lead CTU/Sponsor. From this use case attendees were then divided into breakout groups to get to know one another and discuss how to address some of the challenges that arise and identify improvements in the course of a clinical trial.

With over 225 participants in attendance, this meeting was the first of a series for the ECRIN CTU community and it was followed one week later by a training offered jointly by EMA and ECRIN:  Implementation of the Clinical Trial Regulation (EU) No 536/2014 for academia: Live demonstration of CTIS and Q&A session.