canSERV 3rd Challenge Call launched

Published on 29/05/2024
canserv 3rd challenge call

EU consortium invites applications for Challenge-Driven Call "Revolutionising Cancer Patient Care" 

To improve cancer treatment outcomes and advance the care of cancer patients, the canSERV consortium, including ECRIN, invites cancer researchers world-wide to apply for free access to cutting-edge transnational research services and training. 

As part of the EU Cancer Mission, canSERV strives to accelerate oncology research to foster precision medicine for the benefit of patients across Europe. To this end, a budget of 600 000€ has been allocated for a new Challenge-driven Call for Service Provision “Revolutionising Cancer Patient Care: Innovative Approaches to Research and Clinical Trials for Improving Treatment Outcomes”. 

Projects submitted to this call should focus on either: 

  • Tailoring research to address the different age groups, paediatric patients, and elderly patients, to ensure optimal treatment outcomes across diverse populations.
  • Designing and developing improved clinical trials to address diverse populations and expanding the scope to incorporate broader representation of patients from the EU, including efforts to match control groups, thus advancing trial efficiency and equity in treatment access.

canSERV offers more than 400 innovative cancer research services. In this Challenge-Driven Call, a minimum of two services from the canSERV Service Catalogue should be requested. Training is considered a separate additional service. Please note that canSERV does not fund clinical trials themselves; instead, users can apply for expert advice and support for planning and designing complex clinical trials. The services can be requested via the canSERV project website and the unique Common Access Management System. The services will be provided by 13 leading European Life Science Research Infrastructures and associated service providers in the following fields:

  • Disease models 
  • Advanced technologies for personalised oncology  
  • Biomarkers research, development and validation 
  • New therapeutic solutions  
  • Accelerated translation into personalised oncology clinical practice 
  • Open digital research services 
  • Access to human samples and data 
  • Clinical trials and design 
  • Ethical, legal and socio-economic dimensions 
  • Training 

A detailed service list is available in the canSERV Service Catalogue.  

Researchers based in European and non-European countries, including junior and senior individual researchers, academic institutes, biotech/pharmaceutical SMEs, groups of scientists, networks and consortia from public and private entities can apply for the call.

Call information: 
The overall budget for this Challenge-driven call is 0.6 Mio. EURO. 
Launch of the third Challenge-driven call is today, Tuesday, 28 May 2024.  
Submit your research proposals by 28 August, 14.00 CEST.   

Applications will be reviewed by an international, independent, expert review panel. 

Further information:   
canSERV website:    

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