ECRIN - European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network

COVID-19 Taskforce

As the world is confronted with the COVID-19 crisis, all working in healthcare systems taking care of patients have the highest priority. The COVID-19 crisis requires researchers to join forces worldwide to find a cure and a vaccine, and sharing research data is a critical step in this global cooperation effort. In this context, ECRIN has established a COVID-19 Taskforce with its national partners:


  • Review and digest the scientific literature on COVID clinical trials
  • Develop a metadata repository for COVID trials making all the non-sensitive COVID-19 trial data accessible
  • Develop a database on the regulatory, ethical and data protection fast track approvals across all European countries
  • Ensure preparedness of its national clinical trial unit (CTU) partners for COVID trials
  • Combine and coordinate national initiatives to promote multinational rather than national trials, including through connection with national funders, sponsors investigators and CTUs
  • Develop partnership with national and pan-European investigation networks on infectious diseases and intensive care
  • Outreach to investigators, sponsors, patients, policymakers, funders, and citizens
  • International cooperation and outreach, including with WHO and through CRIGH and other initiatives


Learn more about ECRIN's response to the COVID-19 outbreak in our brochure


For any further information please contact ECRIN’s Head of Clinical Operations Unit, Sabine Kläger via mail.

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