ICTD 2024 Pillar 4: Multistakeholder perspectives to data centric CR - Part 2 Patients & Society

ICTD 2024 hosted by ECRIN and its Greek partner GreCRIN focussed on Data Centric Clinical Research. The day was broken down into 4 pillars to encourage discussion on specific aspects of the subject. This fourth session focuses on Interdisciplinarity, a key aspect to produce successful solutions in clinical research. This session focuses on the engagement of end-users, namely patients and society as a whole, aiming to identify both facilitators and barriers, particularly in the context of data protection legislation.

Presentation 1: Patient centric equals data centric? On which conditions?
George Kapetanakis - President of the Hellenic Cancer Federation - ELLOK

Presentation 2: From patient empowerment to opt-out: What is the role of patients in recent research legislation?
Irene Schlünder - Expert EU data protection and database governance, TMF e.V. (Germany)