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Reports & Brochures

Annual Reports

The annual reports give an overview of the activities and performance of ECRIN, illustrating its work and achievements in furthering multinational clinical research. 

ECRIN's 2021 Annual Report (easy print version)

ECRIN's 2020 Annual Report

ECRIN's 2019 Annual Report

ECRIN's 2018 Annual Report

ECRIN's 2017 Annual Report

ECRIN's 2016 Annual Report

ECRIN's 2015 Annual Report 

ECRIN's 2014 Activity Report

Strategic Plan

ECRIN's 2021-2023 Strategic Plan

Evaluation Report

ECRIN Evaluation Report (date: 11/2019)
Description: This report is based on an evaluation of ECRIN that was conducted in June 2019, five years after it was established as an 'ERIC'. The report is divided into three areas: Positioning and strategy, Governance and management, and ERIC activities. It includes general conclusions and recommendations, some of which may affect the research infrastructure community as a whole, as well as national and European science policymakers. Learn more


ECRIN's Data Sharing Activities (date: 10/2019)
Description: Learn how ECRIN is supporting the optimisation of clinical trial data sharing to improve evidence in healthcare and, ultimately, to enhance public health policies and outcomes.

ECRIN's Response to the Covid-19 Outbreak (date: 04/2021)
Description: Learn about the actions ECRIN engaged in during the first year of the Covid-19 Pandemic

ECRIN General Brochure (date: 4/2020)
Description: Learn about how ECRIN is organised, its added value, services (advice/coordination for clinical trials), capacity activities, tools and more

ECRIN Support for EU Funding Applications & Trial Management (date: 3/2017)
Description: Brochure on ECRIN support to investigators/sponsors for EU funding applications and project implementation

Other Reports

"Survey on impact of ECRIN data centre certification on inspections by regulatory authorities" (C. Ohmann, C. Toneatti, August 2019)