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- The Lancet - ECRIN as author
Salmanton-Garcia, Jon and Stewart, Fiona Anne and Heringer, Sarah and Koniordou, Markela and Álvarez-Barco, Elena and Argyropoulos, Christos D. and Themistolcleous, Sophia C. and Valle-Simón, Paula and Spivak, Orly and Součková, Lenka and Merakou, Christina and Mendonça, Maria Amélia and Davis, Ruth Joanna and Azzini, Anna Maria and Askling, Helena H. and Vene, Sirkka and Van Damme, Pierre and Steinbach, Angela and Shiamakkides, George and Seidel, Danila and Olesen, Ole F. and Noula, Evgenia and Macken, Alan and Luís, Catarina and Leckler, Janina and Launay, Odile and Isitt, Catherine and Hellemans, Margot and Frias-Iniesta, Jesús and Di Marzo, Romina and Carcas, Antonio J and Boustras, George and Borobia, Alberto M and Barta, Imre and Albus, Kerstin and Akova, Murat and Ochando, Jordi and Cohen-Kandli, Miriam and Cox, Rebecca Jane and Husa, Petr and Jancoriene, Ligita and Mallon, Patrick and Marques, Laura and Mellinghoff, Sibylle C. and Nauclér, Pontus and Tacconelli, Evelina and Beer-Tóth, Krisztina and Zaoutis, Theoklis E. and Zeitlinger, Markus and Cornely, Oliver A. and Pana, Zoi-Dorothea and consortium, the VACCELERATE, (1/19/2022). Available at SSRN: or

- SSRN Electronic Journal - ECRIN as author
Amstutz A, Speich B, Mentré France, Rueegg C, Belhadi D, Assoumou L, Burdet C, Murthy S, Dodd LE, Wang Y, Tikkinen K, Ader F, Hites M, Bouscambert-Duchamp M,Trabaud MA, Fralick M, Lee T, Pinto R, Barratt-Due A, Andreas & Briel M.

- Zenodo - ECRIN as author
Canham, Steve; Ohmann, Christian; Boiten, Jan-Willem; Panagiotopoulou, Maria; Hughes, Nigel; David, Romain; Sanchez Pla, Alex; Maxwell, Lauren; Aerts, Jozef; Facile, Rhonda; Griffon, Nicolas; Saunders, Gary; van Bochove, Kees; Ewbank, Jonathan

- BMJ Open - ECRIN as author
Enrico Glaab, Armin Rauschenberger, Rita Banzi, Chiara Gerardi, Paula Garcia, Jacques Demotes, the PERMIT group

- Clinical Microbiology and Infection - ECRIN as author
Alpha Diallo, Marius Trøseid, Victoria Charlotte Simensen, Anaïs Boston, Jacques Demotes, Inge Christoffer Olsen, Florence Chung, José Artur Paiva, Maya Hites, Florence Ader, José Ramón Arribas Lopez, Andreas Barratt-Due, Øyvind Melien, Evelina Tacconelli, Thèrèse Staub, Richard Greil, Sotirios Tsiodras, Matthias Briel, Hélène Esperou, France Mentre, Joe Eustace, Juliette Saillard, Christelle Delmas, Soizic Le Mestre, Marina Dumousseaux, Dominique Costagliola, John-Arne Røttingen, Yazdan Yazdanpanah

- PLOS Medicine - ECRIN as author
Florian Naudet, Maximilian Siebert, Claude Pellen, Jeanne Gaba, Cathrine Axfors, Ioana Cristea, Valentin Danchev, Ulrich Mansmann, Christian Ohmann, Joshua D. Wallach, David Moher, John P. A. Ioannidis

- Paediatrics - ECRIN supported project
Murphy MC, Galligan M, Molloy B, Hussain R, Doran P, O'Donnell C.

- BMJ Open - ECRIN as author
Christian Ohmann, David Moher, Maximilian Siebert, Edith Motschall, Florian Naudet

- BMC Medical Ethics - ECRIN as author
Cinzia Colombo, Michaela Th. Mayrhofer, Christine Kubiak, Serena Battaglia, Mihaela Matei, Marialuisa Lavitrano, Sara Casati, Victoria Chico, Irene Schluender, Tamara Carapina and Paola Mosconi

- Frontiers in Public Health - ECRIN as author
Ángel Rodríguez-Laso, Laura Alejandra Rico-Uribe, Christine Kubiak, Josep Maria Haro, Leocadio Rodríguez-Mañas and José Luis Ayuso