Rapid European COVID-19 Emergency research Response

Funding programme: Horizon 2020 (N 101003589)


Budget: €20M

Duration: 42 months (February 2020 to august 2023)

The overall goal of RECOVER is to understand the COVID-19 pandemic through clinical research in order to transform patient care and public health responses. It is composed of multiple observational, epidemiological, and modelling studies.

Additionally, the RECOVER project hosts the ‘adaptive platform trial’ for COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit, REMAP-CAP. This platform trial began in 2014, and included patients hospitalised with community-acquired pneumonia in intensive care units.

ECRIN's role in RECOVER : ECRIN coordinates the coordination module that exists between EU Response and RECOVER, where the Trial Coordination Board (TCB), the Joint Access Advisory Mechanism (JAAM) and the Adaptive Platform Trials Toolbox have been established. This coordination module builds a bridge between the DISCOVERY, EU SolidAct, REMAP CAP and ECRAID Prime trials.