Quality, Utility and Maturity Measured; Developing a Data Quality and Utility Label for HealthData@EU

 Funding programme: Horizon Europe (N 101137057)

Budget: €3.9M


Duration: 30 months (January 2024 - June 2026)


QUANTUM aims to develop and implement a label mechanism that will attest to the quality and utility of data as well as the maturity level of the providers' data quality procedures, and which could ideally be adopted as part of future HealthData@EU. 

QUANTUM aims to provide a label for the quality and utility of datasets curated and maintained by data holders and overseen by Health Data Access Bodies (HDABs), as well as a label that will provide information on the level of maturity of data holders in data quality management and assurance. The initial concept will serve as a basis for the development of technical specifications for a labelling mechanism, which will be interoperable with the HealthData@EU publication and discoverability meta-data standards. QUANTUM will also provide specifications for the eventual implementation of the label across HealthData@EU, as foreseen in Article 56 of the current legislative proposal. In addition, a specific forum will be set up to facilitate links and exchange with the Commission and other projects aimed at building HealthData@EU.

QUANTUM will focus on the following objectives:

  • Conceptualise and develop a data quality and utility label in the context of data holder maturity model;
  • Design, developing and testing the labelling of the data sets’ quality and utility, and data holders’ maturity
  • Analyse the implementation challenges with a view to enable the transferability and sustainability of the labelling mechanism as part of HealthData@EU
  • Develop a capacity building and outreach program that allows a broad engagement of the data quality professional community


ECRIN will participate in the conceptualisation and drafting of specifications for the development of the data quality and utility label and a maturity model for the data holders in which the label will be integrated. ECRIN will also participate in the mid-scale implementation of the label, the assessment of the implementation process (transferability and sustainability) and will thus provide guidance for the eventual delegation and implementation acts arising from the application of the legislative proposal for the HealthData@EU, as in article 56.


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