Health Research and Innovation Cloud

Funding programme: Horizon 2020 (N965345)


Budget: €3M

Duration: 2.5 years (Mar 2021 - Aug 2023)

The HealthyCloud project aims to define the Strategic Agenda for the European Health Research and Innovation Cloud (HRIC). HealthyCloud brings together 21 organisations from across the health sciences including ERICs, national public health institutes, data hubs and academic institutions from 11 countries to ensure inclusion and technical and ethical soundness of the results.

The HRIC will be one of the cornerstones of the European Health Data Space (EHDS), which looks to improve health research and its translation to healthcare at all levels. HealthyCloud has been organised around 4 pillars: interaction with stakeholders, the inclusion of ELSI aspects in the design of the HRIC, sustainable access, use and re-use of health-related data and technological solutions to enable distributed health data analysis in Europe.

The project is guided by two real-world use cases on cancer and atrial fibrillation to ensure that the solutions are technically and ethically sound as well as legally compliant. The goal is to provide a blueprint that enables the creation of an ecosystem that develops and strengthens the trust of patients and citizens in the use of their health data for research actionable through a portal that serves as an interface to interact with the cloud services.

ECRIN's role in HealthyCloud

In HealthyCloud, ECRIN is leading WP8 “Developing the HealthyCloud Strategic Agenda with the involvement of all relevant European actors”. ECRIN is responsible for drafting the Strategic Agenda for the pan-European Health Research and Innovation Cloud by consolidating internal and external stakeholders’ feedback.