European Consortium for Communicating Stem Cell Research

Funding programme: Horizon 2020 (N 652796)


Budget: €2.25M 

Duration: 3.25 years

The EuroStemCell project, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 funding programme, aims to help European citizens understand stem cells. Over 400 stem cell labs participate in the project, and contributors include scientists, clinicians, ethicists, social scientists and science communicators. To communicate stem cell research, EuroStemCell has created a website and multilingual content such as non-technical fact sheets on key questions and concepts, and a toolkit of films, comics, lesson plans and games to facilitate education and outreach.

ECRIN is a partner in EuroStemCell, and is currently involved in EuroStemCell’s work on resources for decision-making and interfacing with the press and broadcast media.