ERIC Forum 2

ERIC Forum 2

Funding programme: Horizon Europe (N 101124559)

Budget: €2.9M

Coordinator: BBMRI-ERIC

Duration: 4 years (Sept 2023 - Aug 2027)


The ERIC Forum 2 project is intended to strengthen and support the implementation of the ERIC Regulation and ERIC services, to structure their cooperation and sustainability across Europe, and to consolidate the integration of the ERICs into the European Research Area by deepening the ERIC Forum’s contribution to research policies. 

The ERICs (European Research Infrastructure Consortia), under the umbrella of the ERIC Forum, represent one of the leading science policy voices in Europe and play a key role in structuring the research infrastructure landscape. Following the successful set-up and implementation of the ERIC Forum (2019-2022), further efforts are needed to consolidate its achievements and expand the coordination and monitoring of the ERICs.

The project is structured in four thematic pillars:

  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Reinforcing European research infrastructure policy and international cooperation
  • Implementing the ERIC Regulation, strengthening capacities and identifying possible shared resources
  • Coordinating the project, ERIC Forum Executive Board secretariat and communication

To reach its objectives, the project relies on a multi-disciplinary consortium involving all identified ERICs, both multi- and single-sited, and representing the five science clusters of the ERICs.

ECRIN's role in ERIC Forum 2

As the leader of Pillar 2 of the project, which aims to strengthen European policy on Research Infrastructures (RIs) and their international cooperation, ECRIN (represented by Maria A. Rujano) presented a brief overview of Pillar 2, followed by a more detailed presentation of a work package which is tasked with promoting the participation of RIs in all Horizon Europe Pillars and in the EU Partnerships and Missions, so that RIs can make a full contribution to European science policy and research strategy.


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