Collaborative Network for European Clinical Trials For Childern

Funding programme: Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 - Horizon 2020 & EFPIA* (N 777389)

Budget: €67M

Coordinator: Fondazione PENTA - for the treatment and care of children with HIV-ONLUS

Duration: 6 years (May 2018 - April 2024)  


c4c (conect4children) is a large collaborative European network that aims to facilitate the development of new drugs and other therapies for the entire paediatric population.

It is a pioneering opportunity to build capacity for the implementation of multinational paediatric clinical trials whilst ensuring that the needs of babies, children, young people and their families are met.

c4c is committed to meeting the needs of paediatric patients thanks to a novel collaboration between the academic and the private sectors, which includes 33 academic and 10 industry partners from 20 European countries, and more than 50 third parties and around 500 affiliated partners.

c4c endeavours to provide a sustainable, integrated platform for the efficient and swift delivery of high-quality clinical trials in children and young people across all conditions and phases of the drug development process. It also strives to bring innovative processes to all stages of clinical development by generating a new model of organization and of the clinical development process.

* European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries & Associations.

ECRIN's role in c4c