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Paediatric Clinical Trial Preparedness-EFGCP Webinar

3 February 2021

Delays in conducting and completing paediatric clinical trials are one of the major challenges researchers are facing when developing new medicines for children.
The EMA Paediatric Action Plan has addressed this issue by commissioning a new guidance document to the European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency (Enpr-EMA) that sets out recommendations for clinical trial preparedness focusing on factors which facilitate or hamper the conduct of trials in children.
"Trial preparedness" is defined as a structured assessment of the key factors that could increase the likelihood of a smooth and timely course of a paediatric clinical trial, integrating information from multiple stakeholders on what is possible within individual studies and therefore also for the overall drug development plan within which a trial is embedded. These recommendations are moving beyond the definition of clinical trial "feasibility" to present a global determination of all aspects of a trial that need to be prepared with the active involvement and collaboration of all stakeholders. Active discussion of these aspects within all regulatory applications will also help resolving some of the hurdles faced during such interactions.
In this webinar, members of the Enpr-EMA working group for this guidance will discuss these recommendations and provide some practical insights from for Industry, Research Networks and Patients, how to operationalize these ideas in practice.
Link to the new guidance: Click Here

Further information about the webinar, speakers, cost and registration, is available on EFGCP website.


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