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Funding Calls

This list of calls for funding for COVID19 is curated by ECRIN and updated on a weekly basis. Calls featured in this list focus on research opportunities for European investigators, mainly in the field of clinical research, or areas underpinning clinical research. Last update on 28-05-2020.



Austrian Science Fund Prevention, mitigation, detection, containment of epidemics, including SARS CoV2 and impact of current epidemic Not specified 30-09-2020

National Science Fund of Bulgaria (BNSF) Epidemiology, basic science, clinical research, socio-economic impact Funding will depend on extent and costs of projects selected 12-06-2020

Czech Republic
Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, collaboration with Austrian Science Fund – International projects As stipulated in the FWF call above, International projects must also focus on: Prevention, mitigation, detection, containment of epidemics, including SARS CoV2 and impact of current epidemic. Not Specified 30-09-2020

Czech Republic
Czech Technology Agency Innovative solutions for combating the current epidemic and improving preparedness in future outbreaks 40 M CZK per project 31-12-2020

Novo Nordisk Foundation Clinical research to improve national epidemic 50 M DKK total 04-06-2020

Business Finland Pilots, experimentations, validations and applied public research to combat the epidemic 80% of the total costs of the project – not exceeding a total project cost of 300K € 30-06-2020

National Research Agency (ANR) – “RA-COVID19” Operational/interventional studies for prevention or diagnostics, clinical trials, vaccine trials, Epidemiology and surveillance, OneHealth approaches, socio-economic impact studies Epidemiology, Physiopathogenesis, Infection prevention and control, Ethics and social dynamics, Global issues of the Covid-19 epidemic. 15-04-2020 / 28-10-2020

German Research Foundation Prevention, early detection, containment and investigation of the causes, impacts and management of epidemics and pandemics including but not exclusively SARS CoV 2 Not specified Letter of intent: 01-07-2020 / Final submission: 01-09-2020

Science Foundation of Ireland/ Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland Innovative solutions for contact tracing, frontline care, diagnostics, epidemiological tools, monitoring of control measures, mitigation of crisis on a sanitary, social and economic level, and more Funding requests will depend on the specific needs of the project. Program is currently being restructured and is not receiving proposals.

Area Science Park and ARGO System Medical-health fields, artificial intelligence algorithms and scientific data extraction – using the ORFEO data Center 400K € total 31-07-2020

Fondazione Telethon Research projects applying knowledge and tools from rare disease research to better understanding and fighting COVID19 50K € per project 22-06-2020

The Netherlands
SURF Accelerated access to the national high performance computing and data infrastructure for research Maximum of 20% of the budget of the call Computing Time on 30-06-2020

Northern Ireland
Health and Social Care (HSC) Co-funds for ongoing grants, short non-interventional studies 5K £ for short projects; cofunds reviewed on case by case with UK Prioritisation Process NA

Malta Council for Science and Technology & Malta Enterprise Epidemiology, Basic Science, Clinical Research, Social Sciences, IT, 5,3 M € total 30-12-2020

Foundation for Science and Technology R&D projects on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for better data processing for epidemics 10 M (total available budget) 15-06-2020

Slovenian Research Agency Additional funding for ongoing research programs to integrate COVID19 response   To be announced mid May

Slovenian Research Agency Large scale interdisciplinary projects to respond to the pandemic 500K annually To be announced, expected in July

Banco Santander/Crue Universidades Espanolas Big data analysis, clinical research, basic science, socio-economic impact, innovative products and solutions for crisis mitigation 8,5 M € Total Rolling applications until 18 December 2020

Instituto de Salud Carlos III Clinical trials, basic science, Epidemiology, Social Sciences, diagnostic technologies 24M € (total available budget) For review since 13-04-2020

Swedish Research Council Exceptional redirection of ongoing grants to focus on COVID19 No more than 1/3 of amount yearly allocate Ongoing – requires an authorization

United Kingdom
British Heart Foundation Clinical research on cardiovascular disease and COVID19 Not specified – applications must align with UK COVID19 priorisation process Rolling applications evaluated weekly

United Kingdom
UK MRC Virology, Immunity and Pathophysiology, Diagnostics, Epidemiology, PPE and other protective material, Public Health, Clinical Research, Vaccines, Health Care and Delivery Variable depending on project needs Rolling call - 1 Apr 2021

United Kingdom
NIHR Urgent Public Health Research – through National Priorisation Process NA Rolling applications

United Kingdom
K Research and Innovation/ Newton Fund Innovative solutions to gather critical data, support manufacture or wide scale adoption of an intervention, better understand and mitigate impact of the epidemic in Low and Middle Income countries 80% of the full economic cost none - apply at any time

United Kingdom
UK Research and Innovation Innovative solutions to gather critical data, support manufacture or wide scale adoption of an intervention, better understand and mitigate impact of the epidemic 80% of the full economic cost none - apply at any time

Pan European
European Commission Cohort studies (new and networking of existing cohorts), medical technologies, digital tools (AI), behavioral, social and economic impact studies (Four different calls) On specific call 11-06-2020

Pan European
EASI-Genomics Genetic sequencing and analysis of genomics data 0,5M € total 30-06-2020

Pan European
Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) Projects requesting computer resources for: epidemiology, bioinformatics, bio-simulation, biomolecular analysis, other studies to mitigate the epidemic Resources requested reviewed for each proposal Open until further notice

Pan European
EDCTP Training and capacity building opportunities on epidemiology to fight epidemics in Africa, in support of the African CDC – COVID19 focus is highly recommended 50 K €/ student 30-06-2020

Pan European
EOSC Projects applying open science methods for epidemiological, clinical, design and innovation in medical devices or drugs, diagnostics, preclinical research 45K € per project Open until further notice

MIT Solutions for prevention, accurate detection, and rapid response 1,5 M USD total 18-06-2020

CEPI Accelerating vaccine development and manufacturing - vaccines striving for licensure/emergency authorization in 12-18 months or less and, to ensure the availability of sufficient doses by 2021 NA 30-06-2020


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