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Funding Calls

This list of calls for funding for COVID19 is curated by ECRIN and updated on a monthly basis. Calls featured in this list focus on research opportunities for European investigators, mainly in the field of clinical research, or areas underpinning clinical research. Last update on 11-03-2021.



KCE Clinical trials on COVID-19 NA 15-04-2021

FINOVI (Fondation innovations en infectiologie)

Supporting collaborative projects displaying:

- biochemical and biophysical approaches targeting the identification, at a molecular level, of the specificities of SRAS-CoV2 in order to understand its pathogenicity.

- Projects/studies allowing for identification of determinants or factors associated with complications from SRAS-CoV-2 infections.

Variable 22-03-2021



(International Foundation of Applied Disability Research)

This year, the general call for projects highlights the 3 following subjects:

70 000€ 22-03-2021



Recherche Hopitalo-universitaire en santé (RHU) Vague 5 2021

Support translational health or clinical research projects, which may be based on basic biological research, in epidemiology, social science or health economics and extend them with a view to benefit patient management, improved understanding of diseases, more effective and better tolerated treatments, or improved performance of care systems. COVID projects can be submitted 10M€ 01-07-2021

NHS Scotland Innovative solutions that can support the NHS Scotland in its fight against COVID-19 £25K Rolling applications 

Swedish Research Council Exceptional redirection of ongoing grants to focus on COVID19 No more than 1/3 of amount yearly allocate Ongoing – requires an authorization

United Kingdom
UK MRC Virology, Immunity and Pathophysiology, Diagnostics, Epidemiology, PPE and other protective material, Public Health, Clinical Research, Vaccines, Health Care and Delivery Variable depending on project needs Rolling call - 1 Apr 2021

United Kingdom
NIHR Urgent Public Health Research – through National Priorisation Process NA Rolling applications

United Kingdom
UK Research and Innovation Innovative solutions to gather critical data, support manufacture or wide scale adoption of an intervention, better understand and mitigate impact of the epidemic 80% of the full economic cost none - apply at any time

United Kingdom
British Heart Foundation Clinical research on cardiovascular disease and COVID19 Not specified - applications must align with UK COVID19 priorisation process Rolling applications evaluated weekly

Pan European
Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) Projects requesting computer resources for: epidemiology, bioinformatics, bio-simulation, biomolecular analysis, other studies to mitigate the epidemic Resources requested reviewed for each proposal Open until further notice

Pan European
INNOV4COV-19 Supports companies with the goal of accelerating the development and commercialisation of innovative solutions that tackle COVID-19 100K€ 30-04-2021

Pan European
CEPI Clinical trials with the aim to rapidly expand access to and confidence in COVID-19 vaccines by I)generating clinical evidence in special / sub-populations / age groups or II) addressing clinical development gaps $140 M 28-05-2021


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