Biljana Zafirova

Clinical Project Manager

Biljana Zafirova is a Clinical Project Manager at ECRIN.  She is focused on coordinating ongoing multinational clinical trials in several European countries and providing support to clinical investigators preparing clinical studies/projects for European funding.

Her previous professional experience covers a comprehensive mix of basic research in the university and Industry environment, as well as in research coordination and project management in both research centre and hospital settings. Her most recent role, prior to joining ECRIN, was as clinical research project manager at INSERM in Paris, in the field of Oncology.

Biljana has a MSc in Molecular Biotechnology (Zagreb, Croatia) and holds a PhD in Biomedicine/Immunology (Rijeka, Croatia). She also has a postgraduate diploma in Project Management in Clinical Research (Paris Descartes University) and participated in a Clinical Research Associate course.

Biljana Zafirova