Funding Opportunities

This section is a resource for investigators looking for opportunities for multinational clinical trial funding. ECRIN can provide support for the preparation of any of the below calls; if projects are funded and meet ECRIN eligibility criteria, we can subsequently offer various trial management services.

For more information on how ECRIN can support you in the preparation of these calls, see Trial Preparation and ECRIN-On-Board and contact your local European Correspondent.

For general information on multinational clinical trial funding, click here

Recent Opportunities

Note: the calls listed below are now closed. Please check back for upcoming calls. 

PedCRIN Call for Multinational Paediatric Clinical Studies

ECRIN launched a call for pilot clinical studies to receive trial management support from the Paediatric Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (PedCRIN) project.

The goal is to support the multinational extension of paediatric studies on medicinal products having already secured funding in the coordinating country. The 18 member countries of the PedCRIN consortium were eligible to apply. For more information, see the call page

Horizon 2020 'Health, Demographic Change and Well-being' work programme 2016-201
The overall strategic orientation for the 'Health, Demographic Change and Well-being' Work Programme 2016-2017 is 'promoting healthy ageing and personalised healthcare'. Click on the links for each topic listed below for additional information and deadlines.
•    New concepts in patient stratification (SC1-PM-02-2017)
•    Diagnostic characterisation of rare diseases (SC1-PM-03-2017)
•    Promoting mental health and well-being in the young (SC1-PM-07-2017)
•    New therapies for rare diseases (SC1-PM-08-2017)
•    Comparing the effectiveness of existing healthcare interventions in the adult population (SC1-PM-10-2017)
•    Clinical research on regenerative medicine (SC1-PM-11-2016-2017)

Rare Repurposing Open Call
The rare repurposing open call is a collaborative project between Findacure, Cures Within Reach, and Healx. They are searching for existing drug repurposing ideas for rare diseases that have yet to receive a full clinical trial. Their primary aim is to demonstrate the huge potential of clinic-led, patient group-led, and researcher-driven innovation in drug repurposing for rare diseases, and the need for new funding streams to help these ideas bridge the translational gap, including Findacure’s Rare Disease Drug Repurposing Social impact Bond (RDDR SIB).
Ideal projects will have some form of collaborator in the UK (note: the PI is not required to be based in the UK), and multinational clinical trials are welcome. For additional eligibility criteria and further information, please click here
Deadline for submissions: 31 May 2017 

KCE Trials 2017 Investigator-Led Call
The 2017 investigator-led call will focus on comparative effectiveness trials which show clear value for money and have the potential for return on investment. The call is open for submissions from 18 January to 21 March 2017. Learn more here